What Influences Housing Costs?

Affordabiltiy, build equity

In or away from military community

Quality of residence Safety

Security, quality of neighborhood

Quality of Schools

Time to Commute

Housing Choice not available

Length of Tour

Family Matters:  DoD's Family Readiness System (FRS)

Weight Allowances for Shipping Goods (HHG):  www.move.mil

Questions With Which to Prepare Answers 

Why are you moving?

PCS Orders Received?
May I as your Rank?
Are you a veteran and planning to use VA financing?
How Long before the next PCS?
Time Frame for This PCS?
Moving Date?
Door-to-Door or Temporary Housing?
BAH Rate - This Location or Another?
Location?  What Entrance? (Va locations only)
Lead Time for Earnest Money Funds?
Mortgage PreApproval?
Talk to Lender?

VA Funding Fee (%)

VA Funding Fee (%)                     Veterans                   Reservists
Cash Out Refinance                  2.15                            2.40
0-4.99% Down Payment        2.15                         2.40
5.00-9.99% Downpayment      1.50                      1.75

10.00% and Up Downpayment   1.25                          1.50

Subsequent Use

*Cash Out Refinance                      3.30                            3.30
                           0-4.99% Down           3.30                         3.30 
                  5.00-9.99% Down            1.50                          1.75
                  10.00% and Up  Down          1.25                              1.50