Home Rental Services and Cost
Management and Non-Management

1. Assist owner in establishing fair rental market value of home.

2. Prepare exclusive rental listing agreement.

3. Advertise, show, and otherwise market home in order to obtain prospective tenants.

4. Ensure completion of tenant's RENTAL APPLICATION form.

5. Acquire from applicant(s) designated deposit (generally equal to one month's rent).

6. Verify employment information, past landlord history and perform credit check(s) on prospective tenant(s).

7.  Review processed application and determine, with owner, the acceptability of applicant(s).

8. Prepare Northern Virginia Association of Realtors approved lease for tenant(s) signature.

9. Provide condition inspection report for tenant(s) move-in, conduct interim inspection and conduct inspection after tenant vacates.

10. Collect monthly rental payments via direct deposit by tenant into owners designated bank account.

11. Act as tenant(s) point of contact on all matters and arrange for appropriate repairs and emergency services as authorized by owner.

12.  Non-Management services to the first 8 items above, is one month's rent regardless of length of lease.

13. Management Services, to include all of the above items, is based on a monthly management fee of 8% of rental income received in addition to the following schedule:

         17-Month lease or less = 1 Month's rent.
         18 month - 24 month lease - 1 1/4 of 1 month's rent.
         24-month - 36 month lease - 1 1/2 of 1 month's rent.
         Renewal Fee = 1/2 of 1 month's rent.

Cost and Services

1. Management Fees - 8%

2. Application Fee $45.00 per person over 18

3. NSF Checks - $50.00

4. Multi-bids - $25.00 each (over 2 for single item)

5. Inspection - $125 (other than required in/out and interim)

6.  Vacant Property - $100 per month

7.  10% for any coordinated contract job over $10,000 

8. $50.00 service fee to take pictures at owner's request

9.  $50.00 service fee to meet and wait for ANY vendor not more than 2 hours

10.  $30.00 overnight mail requested

11.  Stop payment on check $35.00 (if owner request)