Pre-Marketing Checklist

Fully preparing your home for sale can make a considerable difference in the time it takes to sell it. You can help eliminate buyer objections before they arise by making necessary repairs and improvements, some of which are suggested below.



Spruce up your garden and lawn; trim shrubbery and replace dead plants.


Check to make sure the house numbers, mailbox and exterior lighting are in good condition.


Remove clutter and tidy up the shelves.

Living Areas

Apply fresh paint as needed. Think about brightening your interiors with neutral-toned paint.


Sinks, appliances and counter tops should sparkle. Remove any clutter.


Clean mirrors, glass, chrome and porcelain surfaces.


Doors and drawers should open and close easily.



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Check the basics around the house. It takes just a minute to check all doors, windows and cabinets to make sure they don't stick, squeak or are too loose.


• Clean the fireplace and remove smoke stains from the wall and mantle.

• Clean your furnace and water heater, so buyers know they are looking at a house that has been well maintained.

• Remove clutter; tidy up shelves and racks.

• Shoes and clothes should be neatly arranged.


• Replace shower curtain if necessary.

• Fix any faucet drips or leaks.

• Clean grout and caulking; replace if necessary.


• Wax the floor.

• Clean the oven, range and other appliances.

• Clean tile and grout; replace if necessary.


• Clean draperies and carpets.

• Replace burned out light bulbs.


• Clean the floor.


• Touch-up with fresh paint as needed.

• Inspect chimney for cracks or earthquake damage.

• Repair loose trim, drain pipes and fencing.

• Clean stains and window screens.


• Yard and patio should be neat; outdoor furniture should be clean and in good shape.

• Manicure your front yard; make sure your driveway and entryway are free of clutter.